Card, Spin, Wheel (Grade Primary/One)


Engage your student’s young minds in this hands-on minds-on program. Designed to educate and entertain students, we will rotate through three interactive stations. Students will discover the old ways of producing textiles.

Links to curriculum outcomes:

  • Identify reasons for settlement and development of the local community
  • Identify and describe changes in their local community over time
  • Recognize that their community consists of people and places with interesting stories
  • Identifies the responsibilities of family members
  • Develop an understanding of time concepts
  • Children will learn how evolution of technology has helped ease the workload for families


60 minutes


30 students maximum

1 chaperone for every 10 students



Program Outline:

Arrival: Bathroom, Place coats, bags etc.

5 min: Welcome Introduction

Students are divided into 3 groups (10 max) and guided to the appropriate station and will rotate every 15 minutes.

15minutes: Wool Carding

15minutes: Spinning Wool (using their fingers)

15minutes: Water wheel.

10 minutes: Conclusion and Q&A