Card, Spin, Wheel (Grade Three/Four)


This program focuses on demonstrating an understanding that people have changed technology over time to meet their needs, wants, and interests. We will identify selected technological milestones i.e. waterpower and industrial development.

Links to Curriculum Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of how we learn about the past
  • Illustrate the Similarities and Differences of past societies and current society
  • Examine how traditions relate to the culture in a selected region


80 min


30 students



Program Outline:

Arrival: Bathroom, Place coats, bags etc.

5 min: Welcome Introduction

(Students are divided into 3 groups (10 max) and guided to the appropriate station and will rotate every 15minutes)

15 min: Carding                  Wool

15 min: Spinning Wool

15 min: Water wheel     

10 min: Conclusion/ Q&A